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Take the Club GYN Health QuizWomen are more than their periods
  • What is your tampon made of?

  • How concentrated is your personal lubricant?

  • What can be more dangerous; exposure to blood or semen?

  • Does yogurt treat yeast infections?

  • Why should women purchase the condom?

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Welcome to ClubGYN, a website designed to empower and enlighten women. Our goal is to provide only OB/GYN aproved products along with a resource for reliable information so women can take control of their health decisions. ClubGYN has a Board Certified OB/GYN with over 20 years in private practice who understands the concerns unique to women’s health. ClubGYN provides reliable information through a FREE medical video library along with a FREE women's forum which provides an interactive resource connecting women and their individual health needs.

ClubGYN  Enlightens Women for Today and Tomorrow

ClubGYN is a product and medical resource site that provides answers to those personal medical questions every woman has.  Gain reliable information through ClubGYNs FREE medical video library and connection with other women through our FREE interactive women’s forum.  ClubGYN provides opinions on women’s health topics and personal and feminine product reviews, all accessible in the privacy of your own home.

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Only ClubGYN offers OB/GYN approved feminine and personal care products in a private and sophisticated shopping experience from your home, office or dorm.

ClubGYN offers FREE automatic delivery of your all feminine and personal care products, starting with tampons, pads,liners, condoms,lubricant along with health and wellness products. Every package is discretely boxed and delivered to your home, office, or dorm.

ClubGYN offers only doctor recommended personal and feminine care products.

ClubGYN offers a FREE medical video library

ClubGYN offers a FREE women's forum

Simplify your life  and take contol of your health with ClubGYN